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Janice Barringer Grade 2 Ballet Technique Music


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Janice Barringer Grade 2 Ballet Technique is the soundtrack to Janice Barringer’s 5TH level of Ballet Technique. This level is intended for 10-12 year old students.

Janice Barringer Grade 2 Ballet Technique Music

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Grade 2 is the fifth in the series of Janice Barringer’s Ballet Syllabus. This level introduces more sophisticated port de bras with barre and center exercises, pirouettes, grande plié, 4th position and higher extensions of the leg. Basic adages are introduced and the big poses including 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th arabesques. Petit Allegros include jetés, assemblés and the connecting steps. Piqué turns, chainé turns, tombé pas de bourrée, pas de chat and pas de basque are among the steps moving across the floor.

Janice Barringer’s Ballet technique is known world wide as the most comprehensive ballet technique for the dance studio. Ms. Barringer understands that students of the dance studio are different from students at the ballet studio. Those students at the ballet studio will study 3-8 hours each week in ballet, whereas students at a dance studio study all genres of dance, including 1-4 hours of ballet. With this understanding sits the basis of her technique. Briefly put, The Janice Barringer Ballet Technique is created specifically for dance studios. Included in Ms. Barringer’s Technique are 9 levels. Intro to Ballet, Pre-Ballet, grade 1-4 with transition classes between grades 1-2 and grades 2-3. There is also an addendum to her grade 4 level in order to offer more advanced and comprehensive exercises.

Pianist: John Gavalchin

*Video of this work available as JBDVD8102

 Two-Disc Collection Includes:

  • Disc 1 offers 38 beautiful piano tracks specifically created to Janice Barringer’s Technique
  • Disc 2 is your data companion disc that includes technique notes as pdf files - simply insert into your Computer-Rom drive to view or print



View File01 Demi And Grand Plié In 1st, 2nd And 5th   Size: (704.81 KB)
View File02 Battement Tendu With Port De Bras   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File03 Battement Tendu With Demi-rond De Jambe   Size: (704.81 KB)
View File04 Dégagé or Battement Tendu Jeté With Port De Bras   Size: (704.82 KB)
View File05 Tendu In 4th Position   Size: (704.79 KB)
View File06 Battement Soutenu   Size: (704.79 KB)
View File07 Rond De Jambe À Terre   Size: (704.83 KB)
View File08 Petit Battement And Frappé   Size: (704.86 KB)
View File09 Battement Fondu To 45º   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File10 Relevé Passé & Pirouette En Dehors By ½ Turns   Size: (704.82 KB)
View File11 Relevé Lent At 90º   Size: (704.79 KB)
View File12 Balancé   Size: (704.78 KB)
View File13 Bourrée   Size: (705.02 KB)
View File14 Stretch   Size: (704.78 KB)
View File15 Grand Battement   Size: (704.79 KB)
View File16 Port De Bras, 4th Port De Bras   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File17 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Arabesque   Size: (704.84 KB)
View File18 Adage I   Size: (704.78 KB)
View File19 Adage Ii   Size: (704.83 KB)
View File20 Tendu & Dégagé En Tournant   Size: (648.88 KB)
View File21 Glissade   Size: (704.78 KB)
View File22 Preparation For Center Exercises, Chassé Passé   Size: (704.82 KB)
View File23 Balancé & Walking To A Pose   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File24 Passé Without & With Rélevé   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File25 Pirouette En Dehors From 5th   Size: (704.8 KB)
View File26 Preparation For Pirouette En Dedans   Size: (603.58 KB)
View File27 Petite Allegro I (Temps Levé And Échappé)   Size: (412.57 KB)
View File28 Petite Allegro II (Jeté, Temps Levé, Assemblé)   Size: (484.41 KB)
View File29 Petite Allegro III (Combination)   Size: (704.81 KB)
View File30 Tombé And Chassé Pas De Bourrér Under   Size: (704.81 KB)
View File31 Glissade Pas De Chat   Size: (649.28 KB)
View File32 Pas De Basque Sauté En Avant   Size: (661.94 KB)
View File33 Soutenu En Tourant En Dedans By ½ Turns   Size: (704.81 KB)
View File34 Chassé En Avant   Size: (704.82 KB)
View File35 Temps Levé En Arabesque   Size: (704.82 KB)
View File36 Chassé Temps Levé En Arabesque   Size: (704.83 KB)
View File37 Piqué Tour En Dedans (Traditional Piqué Turn)   Size: (704.86 KB)
View File38 Chaîné Tours or Déboulés   Size: (642.78 KB)

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