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MiniMoovz, Vol. 2 Download


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MiniMoovz, Vo2. by Gina Badone continues the fun with this pre-level hip-hop class for your youngest dancers. Minimoovz offers movement your 3-6 year olds will love to do with the music they love the most. Minimoovz, Vol. 2 is a full class for your pre-school students.

This is the download version of the 2-disc bundle. Please download to computer, not mobile device.

MiniMoovz, Vol. 2 Download



MiniMoovz, Vol. 1 by Gina Badone brings the basics of hip-hop to preschoolers with fun music and instruction that will have them singing, clapping, and bopping along. Each move is designed to develop strength, coordination, balance, and rhythm. Fun and funky original music was created for each move, including 8 tracks breaking down hip-hop moves, and 2 tracks of creative movement songs.

Download Includes:

  • 10 tracks of music with vocal instruction by Gina Badone
  • 10 tracks of music without instruction
  • Class Notes as pdf files
  • Music is in the iTunes format. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library
  • Cover Art



View File01 Let's Get Fired Up (Instructional Track)   Size: (964.64 KB)
View File02 Sassy Stretch (Instructional Track)   Size: (963.62 KB)
View File03 The Jab (Instructional Track)   Size: (969.74 KB)
View File04 The Slap Song (Instructional Track)   Size: (969.54 KB)
View File05 Fancy Footwork (Instructional Track)   Size: (983.81 KB)
View File06 Hip Hop Strut (Instructional Track)   Size: (971.99 KB)
View File07 Slides n Glides (Instructional Track)   Size: (961.99 KB)
View File08 Booty Spin (Instructional Track)   Size: (964.64 KB)
View File09 Hip Hop Ninjas (Instructional Track)   Size: (957.5 KB)
View File10 Travel Thru Time (Instructional Track)   Size: (2.86 MB)

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