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Kidgroovz, Vol. 18


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Kidgroovz, Vol. 17 by Jasmine Hanson offers 3 Funk Jazz dances for ages 6-12. Music, Video, and Choreography Notes are included in this bundle.

This is a Data Disc and will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert disc into computer ROM drive to access files.

Kidgroovz, Vol. 18


There’s a trend that’s leaning toward Jazz-Funk style of movement, and Jasmine Hanson is all over it with Kidgroovz, Vol. 18! This exciting style is perfect for your pre-teen dancers and Jasmine has created 3 dances that will be amazing at your dance recital!

Music and dances offered in this collection:

  • 5 Little monkeys is a new take on the classic kid’s song. Clever new lyrics offer a fresh groove for today’s young dancers! Perfect for your 6-8 year old students. Time: 2:33 
  • Petty offers a contagious blend between “cool” and high energy. Your 9-11 year old dancers will really groove to this one! Time: 2:49
  • Untouchable is an exciting track with a driving percussion to keep your dancers engaged. Fast and powerful, this dance will be your 12-13 year old students favorite. Time: 2:35

Data Disc includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Videos files of dances, step-by-step breakdown and performance      
  • 6 Audio files of music (each song includes a performance track and a bonus track)
  • Choreography notes as pdf file

Songs with choreography notes sold separately as downloads: JHCD118ADL, JHCD118BDL, JHCD118CDL


View File5 Little Monkeys (Instrumental)   Size: (1.41 MB)
View File5 Little Monkeys (Performance Track)   Size: (1.41 MB)
View FilePetty (Performance Track)   Size: (1.41 MB)
View FilePetty (Radio Edit)   Size: (1.38 MB)
View FileUntouchable (Performance Track)   Size: (1.4 MB)
View FileUntouchable (Radio Mix)   Size: (1.4 MB)
View File5 Little Monkeys   Size: (3.34 MB)
View FilePetty   Size: (3.28 MB)
View FileUntouchable   Size: (2.98 MB)

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